"...I believe my experience on the Chambers Mediator Training Course was the reason I was offered a training contract with a top firm...."

Claire, London


" ...The course was a real inspiration. It was the highlight of my legal career...It was life affirming and career changing without a doubt. Honoured to meet you all...

Warwick, Birmingham


"...Absolutely fantastic course with brilliant tutors! I enjoyed every minute of it and would highly recommend it..."

Sharon, Manchester


"...It was a time never to forget. Thank you Leina and team for a well presented course. The mediation course really opened my eyes. It was so practical and interactive....Mediation is truly the way for the future, enjoyable too..."

Addy, London 


"...The whole team were supportive throughout the Mediator Training Course, and Leina offered me the Observations afterwards so that I could complete my pupillage. Thank you..."

Peter, London


"...The course exceeded my expectations. It was made relevant for the whole group as solicitors, barristers, medical professionals and students. Emphasis was placed on mediation advocacy as well as practical requirements and good practice guidelines..."

Stephen, Birmingham


"It's one thing going for training but surely it's another attending a properly organised well manned course with up to date materials and knowledgeable tutors of diverse top qualifications and experience like the opportunity I had at Chambers Mediation International. Delegates were exceptional too. I would recommend anyone interested in knowing more about mediation or becoming an accredited mediator to contact Chambers Mediation International."

K.A, London


"I attended a week of Mediation Training with Chambers Mediation International. The training was intensive and thorough whilst being entirely relevant to both business and legal situations. I had high hopes for the week and the course did not disappoint. It was without a doubt the highlight of my legal career. A fabulous week! Thank you...Leina herself was not only a delight to be around but she was professional and knowledgeable in all areas of law; not to mention an able and impressive teacher of the skills required to be an expert mediator..."

J.W, Coventry


"Chambers Mediation International Accredited Mediator Training Course was
simply fantastic! I was Student Ambassador for Aspiring Solicitors and President of
the Law Society when Leina and I first came into contact. Chambers courses stood
out from the other course providers, and I found Leina to be very helpful and
knowledgeable. Leina is one of those rare individuals who naturally serves as an
inspiring mentor to each student taking part in the University programmes. With
such a qualified background in the legal profession, Leina exhibits inventive
teaching skills which are a unique method of learning. These qualities translate in
her ability to teach in such a way that it becomes an instant pleasure to learn
logically. Leina is a brilliant role model to me and I would recommend anyone who
has the correct enthusiasm to mediate to take part in this growing market, and
qualify with Chambers."

Shane S, London

"I recently was trained by Leina at my university. Leina is a hard-working, lovely
individual who strives to get the best out of all of her students. She delivers her
mediation lessons well, and is constantly available for assistance even when not in
the classroom. Leina is passionate about her work, and this is clearly evident through
the course. It has been a pleasure to have been taught by such a wonderful person,
and with Chambers Mediation as a whole.  I can't put into words what I've taken
from the last 5 days training with Leina and Chambers Mediation International I'm
such a grateful person right now.
I would highly recommend Leina and Chambers Mediation International, if you are
considering undertaking a mediation course." 

Rebekah W, London
" I am an LLB graduate and aspiring barrister. I recently attended an Accredited
Mediator Training course at University held by Leina Yadev and Paul Brazier of
Chambers Mediation International. To sum up the whole experience it was nothing
short of amazing! The quality of the training was exceptional and a combination of
Leina and Paul's contrasting teaching styles simply complemented one another
making it much easier to absorb the information. Despite the intensity of the course
both Leina and Paul provided support throughout. The materials provided contained
more than enough information needed, meaning there was no need to seek additional
information from other sources. Having already completed the course I am still in
direct contact with Leina, which is a clear reflection of how caring and supportive
she is. I would strongly recommend this course to Law students, professionals or
individuals who simply wish to pursuit a career in mediation."

Lulu F, London