Mediation Video: Want to know about Mediation? This short film (23mins 58secs) gives an idea of what mediation can look and feel like. Every mediation is different but this film is based on a real-life case using a mediator and with professional actors in the other roles.


Government plans ADR scheme for consumer rights | News | Law Society
Gazette http://t.co/Ypm9rjoUey

@ChambersMediate: Let mediation solve 'toxic' disputes -
Tory MP | News | Law Society Gazette http://t.co/5mGGTxHb7h

@the_legal_hour: RT @ChambersMediate: DON'T LITIGATE-MEDIATE
http://t.co/RYk84u63HVhttp://t.co/qetR8ZSuVS http://t.co/XZ9yUGi1bI

Law Society, University of Bedfordshire: Further to our earlier discussions about the possibility of undertaking a 5 day training exercise to qualify as an
International Mediator, we can now confirm the following:

The training is to be provided by Chambers Mediation International
This opportunity is available to both UG and PG students....

@Leina_Chambers: NHS offers mediation service to avoid court | News |
 Law Society Gazette http://t.co/ObB84ATQhq

@TweetyLu_: Amazing Accredited Mediator Training provided by
@ChambersMediate I would fully recommend it to people with a legal
background or those studying law at university!

"Chambers Mediation International Accredited Mediator Training Course
was simply fantastic! I was Student Ambassador for Aspiring Solicitors and
President of the Law Society when Leina and I first came into contact. Chambers
courses stood out from the other course providers, and I found Leina to be very
helpful and knowledgeable. Leina is one of those rare individuals who naturally
serves as an inspiring mentor to each student taking part in the University
programmes. With such a qualified background in the legal profession, Leina
exhibits inventive teaching skills which are a unique method of learning. These
qualities translate in her ability to teach in such a way that it becomes an instant
pleasure to learn logically. Leina is a brilliant role model to me and I would
recommend anyone who has the correct enthusiasm to mediate to take part in
this growing market, and qualify with Chambers."
Shane S


@ChambersMediate: BBC News - Venezuela seeks mediation with US

@the_legal_hour: RT @ChambersMediate: DONT LITIGATE - MEDIATE
Meet our Founder Leina and join us on Facebook http://t.co/RYk84u63HV

 The High Court has highlighted the dangers of refusing to mediate in 
disputes that are suitable for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).
Refusals to mediate - the court imposes indemnity costs award against
Defendants who unreasonably refused to mediate

Leading judges in damning attack on civil aid cuts | News | Law Society
Gazette http://t.co/rQqt5PzP0I

@CeciliaXu_Xu: @ChambersMediate @Leina_Chambers Great work in promoting #mediation in the UK. #LegalProfession is facing a unique era in history. Would be great to meet you one day to know more about the amazing work you do.

  @ChambersMediate: Online Mediation in Dubai http://t.co/kIFEOKcFft

 @the_legal_hour: RT @ChambersMediate: 'DON'T LITIGATE-MEDIATE'
BOOK A COURSE http://t.co/YfJTQDIj90
CHAMBERS, established 2001 http://t.co/ySHn85nO3w #thelegalhour

@SharonWillis: Loved #mediation training with @Leina_Chambers @ChambersMediate! Met amazing people! Positive that good things are to come! Think @WarwickJ71 & I would say #mediation training with @Leina_Chambers @ChambersMediate was #lifechanging! Fab group of people! New friends! :)

@WarwickJ71: @SharonWillis@ChambersMediate @Leina_Chambers it was life affirming and career changing. Without a doubt. Honoured to meet you all.

 NHS offers mediation service to avoid court | News | Law Society Gazette

CoA punishes defendant that refused ADR invitation | News | Law Society Gazette

@RebekahScarlet: I can't put into words what I've taken from the last 5 days training with @Leina_Chambers and @ChambersMediate. I'm such a grateful person right now.

Litigants in person make life 'infinitely more difficult' | News | Law Society Gazette http://www.lawgazette.co.uk/5041178.article?utm_source=dispatch&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=GAZ090514

@WarwickJ71: @Leina_Chambers just received copy of Getting Past No in preparation for #mediation training. Looking forward to learning from the best.

@AdventMediator: RT @WarwickJ71: @Leina_Chambers received Getting Past No in preparation 4 #mediation training. Looking forward to learning from the best. "A Good read!"

Civil Procedure, Costs & Sanctions: Links to Recent Articles and Posts http://t.co/gZo49k1dDC

@Meenochawla: @ChambersMediate Learning from award winning professionals will always help me develop my knowledge within the legal profession.

 The European Parliament Study on Mediation Time and Cost Savings and 
Effective Mediation Policy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvxShkxqwbY&sns=tw

"It's one thing going for training but surely it's another attending
a properly organised well manned course with up to date materials and
knowledgeable tutors of diverse top qualifications and experience like the
opportunity I had at Chambers Mediation International. Delegates were
exceptional too. I would recommend anyone interested in knowing more about
mediation or becoming an accredited mediator to contact Chambers Mediation
International." Addy K

5 things you need to know about the MoJ's terrifying legal aid cut announcement: http://t.co/oG15LCs33r

@1st_Of_His_Name: Every lawyer should follow @Leina_Chambers and @ChambersMediate ...pretty insightful stuff @SilverKayondo @yongyera

New year, new laws: world will wake up to raft of changes in 2014 http://t.co/PaX5LdoQIC  

@NeilDenny: Leina_Chambers good to meet you. Love the forthright image and confidence you combine with mediation marketing. We need more of this.

The Court of Appeal sends out another strong message on the Jackson reforms http://t.co/4nn25LMC9N

@JohannScheeper7: @Leina_Chambers Excellent article! Thank you Leina.

Groundbreaking Judgment for mediation in the Court of Appeal:

Rebooting the Mediation Directive: Assessing the Limited Impact of Its Implementation and Proposing Measures to Increase the Use of Mediations in the EU - hereafter, the 'Rebooting study' or 'study'. The study can be downloaded at: http://www.europarl.europa.eu/RegData/etudes/etudes/join/2014/493042/IPOL-JURI_ET(2014)493042_EN.pdf; its official presentation before the Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament can be watched at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvxShkxqwbY&feature=youtu.be.

@MOORES_ updates: Here, here "@Leina_Chambers: Coalition's Legal Aid reforms deny access to justice - according to former LJ of Appeal http://t.co/XcKf4mG9Ko"

Our video highlights the benefits of using mediation

@Shikscarol: Very important issues highlighted! RT @Leina_Chambers: IP and dispute resolution:cross-border (cont)

@Leina_Chambers: IP and dispute resolution: cross-border complexities | Feature | Law Society Gazettehttp://t.co/WFzTbRVCc4

 @jamkamario: I feel honoured being connected with you. Your tweets
are knowledge worthy and delightful enjoying them very much.

Barristers set up direct family mediation scheme | News | Law Society

@kerryspence5616: @Leina_Chambers thanks for connecting
and the good work you do for the people!

Mediation or Arbitration: What's the Difference? | Buchalter Nemer - JDSupra http://www.jdsupra.com/legalnews/mediation-or-arbitration-whats-the-dif-83940/
Family mediation's headed for a fall | Opinion | Law Society Gazette http://www.lawgazette.co.uk/5039339.article?utm_source=dispatch&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=GAZ130114
More choosing mediation over court http://news.asiaone.com/news/singapore/more-choosing-mediation-over-court
5 Reasons People in Conflict Agree to Mediate | Communities in Transition http://t.co/2TIwIakN7c

Only 24% of divorcing couples have confidence in the mediation process, according to research from Resolution. http://t.co/xeda33aPd3
Meditation in the UK: MPs Meet Weekly to Sit | Mindful http://shar.es/IyblK
MoJ to tackle fall in mediation referrals | News | Law Society Gazette http://www.lawgazette.co.uk/5039136.article?utm_source=dispatch&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=GAZ091213
Dubai - a hub for international arbitration? | Kluwer Arbitration Blog http://t.co/DbF5U73aaV
Commercial mediation: resolution revolution? | Feature | Law Society Gazette http://www.lawgazette.co.uk/law/commercial-mediation-resolution-revolution/5037884.article
Mediation is being encouraged in Holland http://t.co/7BIngelZeT
Mediation - an effective way to solve disputes between disgruntled consumers and retailers in #Fiji http://t.co/W8zKZ9lxQV
Do you have to Mediate a Professional Negligence Claim? - http://t.co/x5iRm9Ni
The culture of mediation- how can we create more impact http://kluwermediationblog.com/2013/10/19/the-culture-of-mediation-how-can-we-create-more-impact/
Should mediation be mandatory? - Lexology http://www.lexology.com/library/detail.aspx?g=68019975-f314-4d43-8966-483af9e95667 via @lexologygbp
Turkey: Mediation; The Long-Awaited Turkish Mediation Law http://t.co/d3HBQdyQcN
The role of empathy in conflict resolution: http://t.co/3PQVtwzuXM #mediation
Mediation services hit by legal aid cuts, Ministry of Justice figures reveal - The Guardian http://t.co/in9CcyTXdH

 Using mediation to resolve leasing and property disputes
Fail to Mediate at your Peril -  http://t.co/2D70rHDR
Mediation is best way to deal with company law disputes - judge
Should mediation be compulsory for separating couples?
 Jackson reforms threaten justice, says Law Society | News |  Law Society Gazette http://t.co/vvs603cQ3A
 Mitchell regime savaged as firm describes'climate of fear'
News | Law Society Gazette http://t.co/3FP8Oq1CD5
 Fee deterrent sends employment claims plummeting | News | Law 
Society Gazette http://t.co/mOYpy3wgJa
  Lawyers walk out for second time in protest against legal aid cuts
 Further evidence emerges in New Law journal about how the legal aid 
cuts have thrown family law courts into crisis http://t.co/7AU6cTiurW
  Proportionality and legal costs | Feature | Law Society Gazette

  Litigants in person putting pressure on courts system - LCJ | News | Law Society Gazette http://t.co/xcyxwp3RDC

Government confirms court fees increase within weeks | News | Law Society Gazette http://t.co/gYon7z436e

Give verdict on Jackson in five years, says Ramsey | News | Law Society Gazette http://t.co/D0YBRoKLV3

  MoJ facing legal challenge over cuts | News | Law Society Gazettehttp://t.co/2s2R7ZNzIM

Mediation Video: Introduction to Mediation in the European Union (5mins 17secs). A video funded by the European Union to explain the potential of mediation to judges, lawyers and litigants in EU countries.


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